Monday, January 05, 2009


Date: 28th December 2008
Time: 2:38am
Thanks to Eugene for the "huat"!!!
Learning Mahjong since the age of twelve and 16 years later, I finally 胡 with 十三么 (Shi San Yao)!!!
Be'cos of 2 animals & 1 flower, the total 番 is 13 + 3 = 16 番s.
Shiok Ah.
We played mahjong since 3pm (took an hour break for dinner), and almost 12 hours & 4 rounds later, I won the last game with "13 wonders". There is an urban myth that people who win "13 wonders" will have really bad luck the following day (e.g friend's friend got into accident, another friend lost all his earnings.)
Fortunately, nothing happens to me.
Heng Ah!!!

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Yingel said...

Huat ah!