Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Where there is life, there must be death.

I was happy to learn the teachings of Master Sheng Yen, but I was also sad to know about him after his death and that I do not have the good fortune of learning from him. A good Dharma teacher is a rare gem. Even with great following from Businessmen to Politicians to Celebrities, he still remains a simple humble monk. That's a mark of a great Master.

"If the mountain won't move, build a road around it.
If the road won't turn, change your path.
If you are unable to change your path, just transform your mind."

"A passing boat leaves no traces upon the waters;
A bird's flight leaves no trace in the sky;
When fleeting success, failure, gain, or loss leaves no trace upon the heart,
the great wisdom of liberation has been achieved."

"Where there is life, there must be death. If one cannot face this reality it will become one’s greatest barrier in life, if one can regard death merely as a fraction within the eternal time and space then death is not an end to life but the beginning of the next."

"Busy with nothing, growing old.
Within emptiness, weeping, laughing.
Intrinsically, there is no "I".
Life and death, thus cast aside."

"The meaning of life lies in serving,
the value of life in giving."

"Our value depends not on how long we live,
but on how much we contribute."

"The deeper our compassion,
the greater our wisdom and the fewer our vexations."

"What I am unable to accomplish in this lifetime,
I vow to push forward through countless future lives.
What I am unable to accomplish personally, 
I pray for everyone to join forces to promote."

"The universe may one day perish, 
yet my vows are eternal"

- The Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen (1931-2009)


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