Sunday, May 13, 2012

Always be grateful towards our parents

"Mother is a boundless source of love, and inexhaustible treasure. But unfortunately, we sometimes forget. A mother is the most beautiful gift life offers us. Those of you who still have your mother near, please don’t wait for her death to say, “My god, I have lived beside my mother all these years without ever looking closely at her. Just brief glances, a few words exchanged — asking for a little pocket money or one thing or another.” You cuddle up to her to get warm, you sulk, you get angry with her. You only complicate her life, causing her to worry, undermining her health, making here go to sleep late and get up early. Many mothers die young because of their children. Throughout her life we expect her to cook, wash and clean up after us, while we think only about our grades and our careers. Our mothers no longer have time to look deeply at us, and we are too busy to look closely at her. Only when she is no longer there do we realize that we have never been conscious of having a mother." --- Extracted from A Rose for Your Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh 

"If you were to carry your parents around with you for their whole lives - your father on one shoulder and your mother on the other - even to the point where they were losing their faculties and their excrement was running down your back, this would not repay your debt of gratitude to them. But you could repay the debt if your parents were not virtuous and you established them in virtue; if they were not wise and you established them in wisdom; if they were stingy and you established them in generosity; if they had no faith in the spiritual path and you led them to it." --- Lord Buddha

In other words, the best way to honor your parents is to be a person of good moral values and assist each other along the path.

My Mother's Hand.
Her pair of hands had went through so much hardship to bring us up.
I shall forever be grateful.

Happy Mother's Day.

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