Sunday, May 06, 2012

Want to know what is paradise?

Want to know what is paradise? 

Try asking these wise people 

- Street Kids in India, 
Physically deformed kids in Nepal, 
Terminally ill people in hospital, 
Beggars in China, 
Prostitutes in Bangkok, 
Shoe-polishing kids in Bolivia... 

Kids begging for money in Beijing, China
While they might be part of a syndicate, 
would anybody who has a good future want to join them?

A young Souvenir Seller (supporting his family), Bagan, Myanmar
His dream is to learn how to use computer.
He was beaming with joy when he told me that he didn't need to sell souvenir tomorrow (Saturday),
as he was going to school.

Kids killed in the Cambodian Genocide.

Slum in Hoi An, Vietnam
While we were having dinner together, the mother scolded the kids who wanted to eat the fried eggs (that was prepared for me). Having eggs was a luxury for the kids.

An orphanage with physically disabled kids abandoned by their parents.
The caretaker (seen in the photo) has some physical disability too.
Kathmandu, Nepal.

A street kid scavenging for food in rubbish dump.
Calcutta, India

12 years old kid polishing shoes to support his education.
La Paz, Bolivia

These strong people never stop fighting to improve their lives.
I thank them for the invaluable lessons.


What is a paradise?

May be you and I are already living in a paradise.

May be we are just unaware of it.

You might have the best of everything, 
without contentment and a sense of gratitude, 
you are just a miserable pauper.

Think about it.

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