Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am just lucky....

I met HY (Nepal Travelmate) just now, and we were talking about our friends in Nepal. Then, I remembered that Jeevan (one of our porters) called me a couple weeks ago, I did not pick up as I was busy at work and I forgot to call him back. 
On the way home, I was thinking about Jeevan's current situation - He should be in the beautiful but freezing Himalayas now. He might be waiting patiently at Lukla airport for any available job as porter. As a porter, there is no job security - he does not know if he will get a job for the next few days. If he is lucky, he will get a job and he would be carrying the luggage of trekkers for 14days, hopefully, the trekkers would tip him well at the end. If he is not feeling well, he cannot go on medical leave. May be he might continue to be a porter for next 10 years if he is still fit and healthy, but what will happen if he fall sick or get old?
I am on a high spirit today, as I am flying to Phuket tomorrow for a short holiday. I will be diving, staying in nice hotel by the beach, eating good food, getting Thai massage etc... When I think of Jeevan, I started to feel the unfairness of life. I am not wealthy, but I have seen quite abit of the world and life is comfortable. Life has been good.
If I am in Jeevan's shoe, could I break out of the poverty cycle? Unlikely, I would be helpless, and it takes alot of effort.
What have I done to deserve all these good things in life? I don't know. 
Am I very smart? Not really.
Am I very hardworking? Not really.
Am I lucky? Yes.
I am just lucky, and I am feeling grateful for it.
 I am not just thinking about Jeevan, but also other wonderful people I have met while traveling.
May be in the eyes of many people, I am already living in paradise.
From Top-left-clockwise:
Jeevan's Golden Teeth; Group Jumping shoot; Acting cool; Dancing to Nepali Music in a Pub @ 2800m; Playing "Heart Attack".
We did not treat him as a porter,but as a friend. We invited them (Guides & Porters) to eat together, to play games together and shared the chocolate & sunblock with them. We really had so much fun. At the last day, Jeevan was wiping away tears when we bid farewell.
Not sure if we will meet again.
Knowing that he is a good person, I sure hope my friend find happiness and peace in life.

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