Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man in the Mirror...

Perfect Reflection
(Taken at Hoi-An, Vietnam)
Most people wear different masks
Sometimes, it is an act of hypocrisy.
More oftenly, it is an act of self-protection.
Or even, an act of conformity due to social/peer pressure.
During late night and alone looking into the mirror,
there is no need to wear a mask.
While you can deceive other,
how can you ever deceive yourself?
What do you see?
Are you happy to see the person in the mirror?
What is in the reflection?
May be the right question would be:
Do you have the courage to look into at the person in the mirror?
Are you afraid to see the Truth?
If everybody have more time to do self-reflections,
this world will be a better place.

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