Sunday, December 06, 2009

War with Terrorism will never end....

It was disappointing to know that more innocent people are going to be killed. Killing will not solve the problem, but will deepen the hatred between both parties. The future descendents of Al-Qaeda members will continue the fight. More moderate muslims might join the Jihad against the Americans.
I know there is no easy solution.
Sending Troop to War is definitely one of the easiest solutions (without wisdom & compassion).
There is definitely a better use of the US$30billion budget.
Use it to help the war-ravaged Afghanistan.
Use it to feed the millions who are dying in Africa.
Use it to make peace.
If any politicians believe that sending troops to War is the only solution,
I challenge them to send their own children? Will Bush or Obama send their children to Afghanistan if they think that War is the only way out? I doubt it, at least, I know that Bush is a coward.
At this rate, the war will never end....
There will be more unnecessary deaths and sufferings.

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