Monday, August 03, 2009

Osim Singapore International Triathlon 2009

I have completed my first Olympic Distance (OD) Triathlon
– 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run.
My official race timing & Category Ranking:
(I believe the transition time is included in the Bike Leg)

1.5km Swim: 38min 46sec (44 out of 109)
40km Bike: 1hr 31min 42 sec (33 out of 109)
10km Run: 53min 36 sec (18 out of 109)
Overall Timing: 3hr 4min 3sec (22 out of 109)
Even though I failed to hit my 3hrs target , I was quite happy with my overall performance. I was disappointed with my swim as it was 5mins more than my usual timing, but then, the sea was choppy and I did not get into my usual swimming rhythm. As for the cycling leg, I did not push myself too hard as I did not want to exhaust myself before the running leg. And I did push myself hard during the last 10km run.
That’s all that matters – giving my best.
Nobody is going to care if I hit 3hr target time,
and I just want to be responsible to myself.
I remembered watching Triathlon race on TV, and I asked myself:
Can I do it?I was very sure that I doubted myself,
As back then, I even struggled to swim 100m in freestyle.

Arbor Buddies


This race was special as it was the first race that I took part with both Jon & RF.
Less than a year ago (14th Sept 2008), RF sent us an email with a link & a question:
Will you do this?

Till this day, I still don’t know if I have the courage to do it.
But I have taken my first step and strike off one item from my to-do-list.
This item had been in my do-to-list for a few years already, and RF’s email rekindled the interest in me to pursue it. Jon was inspired by the clip as well.
The timing of the Osim Triathlon race was perfect.
RF just came back recently after completing his fellowship programme at Stanford University, and Jon delayed his flight to US where he would be furthering his studies at Carnegie Mellon University. (Yah, I am the only one kena stuck in Singapore – not really complaining though). So it is a rare opportunity for us to take part together.
It was a great race with great friends.
The only sad part was someone died during the race.

It was so unfortunate.
Life is impermanent.
Cherish it. Love it. Live it.

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Loyd Pek said...

you are inviting me to join the triathlon? or a marathon? hahaha i am terrified!