Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Good View, One Bad Fall & One Kind Deed

Went cycling this morning at 6+, and the sunrise view across a misty field in Lim Chu Kang was awesome. The air was fresh and cooling. =)

Unfortunately, while i was along Lim Chu Kang Road, I lost concentration and swayed to the left and fell down. Tyre was punctured, wrist was sprained, and wounded my right calf and thigh. I felt frustrated immediately - knowing that I gotta stop my swimming for 2 weeks be'cos of the open wounds.

I never had so much body injuries in my life - well, I was never a sporty person. Knee injury due to long distance running, abrasion around my eyes due to wearing goggles during swimming (yah.. WTF?!?!), other wounds and injuries due to falling down during cycling etc... Triathlon is also an expensive sport, a time-consuming one and have alot of restrictions (e.g no late-night drinking as it will dehydrate the body & need to wake up early to train)
I guess it is part and parcel of trying to be a triathlete - I am aiming to complete my first half-ironman next march.

I have seen video-clips of people completing their races and the exhilaration on their faces, but seldom do we see the sacrifices they made. There are many reasons not to train (bad weather, no time, fatigue, injury, pain etc..), but there is only one reason to do it - to honor yourself.
Is it worth it?
Yes and No.

Anyway, back to the story, I was stranded in Lim Chu Kang Road - No CAB (despite trying to make a booking), and I even did the hitch-a-ride hand gesture, but the drivers returned me with a weird look. Hitching a ride does not work in Singapore. Fortunately, there was a bus - 975 - the only bus. The bus driver (PRC Chinese) stopped and I explained to him my situation. He had some reservations, as i know bike is not allowed in the bus.

In the end, he still allowed me to board and asked me where i would be alighting (obviously, he was worried that his superior would see it). I alighted 2 stops before the bus terminal, as I didn't want to create any problem for this nice driver. I thanked him before I alighted.

It was one kind deed and I appreciated it.


Yingel said...

take care wor

su min said...

Hope you've recovered! And all the best for your triathlon. I may be joining some 10k run with colleagues in nov. That'll be big for me.... Never run more than 2.4km before. :)

Boon Han said...

Thanks Sumin.
My wound is healing... but my wrist is still painful (even though it has been almost a week)

You are participating in 10km run!! Well done! i am surprised... =)

su min said...

We haven't actually signed up so I'm not running for sure. But guess we can call this peer pressure!