Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Thoughts: Aware Saga

Recently, there are alot of talks about the Aware Saga in Singapore.
While the new committee was properly elected, however, they have not gained the trust of many people. The new committee members are made up of successful professionals who understand the laws, articulate well and exhibit aggressive behaviours.
In general, I am quite wary of this type of people.
May be because I had bad experiences previously.
While you cannot fault them of their behaviour (they got elected through proper channel, as they know how to play within the law), but they could not gain trust, which is the foundation of any organisation/family/relationship.
One of my bad experiences:
In secondary school, I had a classmate ("A") who was from a good family background, pretty smart (done well enough to get into top JC), articulate well (Debater) and had a good command of english ("A" derived alot of pleasure laughing at my pathetic english. Seriously!). "A" was always the model student in the eye of teachers, however, "A" failed to build trust among the peers. "A" would always have some tricks up his/her sleeve. For instance: During our secondary 2 final year exams, "A" used his/her relationship with teachers to spread rumors that alot of people failed their english papers, which was the first paper. That affected alot of people's mood for exams preparation, as there were more exam papers ahead. In the end, most people passed the english exam. The trust level in "A" just plummeted further.
I was not trying to stir up old dirt.
It was really puzzling for me that people would spend so much effort to create problems for others. Why don't they use the time and effort to improve their own lives? Isn't that more beneficial for everybody?
I felt that most of the BIG problems in the world is created by smart & educated people. Sometime, you could not prosecute them because they are acting within the parameters of the law like the Subprime crisis was partly created by the wall-street investment bankers. And fortunately, there are some cases where they are hold accountable like the Madoff Incident.
I was fortunate to mingle with the less educated people while I was in the Army. Some of them had been jailed before, had been involved in Gangs activities, had tattoo all over their bodies etc... I was not wary of them, and in fact, I was quite comfortable with them.
They are more straightforward.
In short, more predictable.
It is the smart and educated ones that are less predictable,
which make them scary.

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