Sunday, January 12, 2014

Changes and Letting Go

My Iphone 5S was disabled as I forgot my password. 
I have a good memory and I take pride to be organized.  

I have to reset my Iphone and lose my past 1 month information/photos/notes etc... as I did not backup for the past 1 month. This includes the photo of my newborn niece in the hospital.  Initially, I was quite upset with myself, but why am I upset? Is it the information/photo/notes that I lost? Is it the fact that I am "performing" below my own expectation? Would I be more upset if the mistake was committed by someone else?

Anyway, it has already happened. The best approach is to let go of the anger/guilt/past and think of a solution to solve it. This way of thinking has kept me sane, and I have made many many mistakes in my life. 

Life is always changing.
Life is always uncertain.
There is a time to be persistent.
And there is ALWAYS a time to let go. 

Let go and move on.
Letting Go is an antidote to many negative feelings.
I am still practicing it.


Last week, I met an overseas friend whom I have not seen for a year.
He said that a lot of things changed in his life for the past 1 year. His father died of cancer, and his mother died of stroke (due to grieving) and his marriage of more than 10 years ended. 

He shared with me that his biggest regret was not able to bid farewell to his mother. All these things seemed to change his perspectives of life. 

He was a workaholic and a very driven person. Previously, when I shared with him my traveling plan, somehow, he gave me the impression that I was wasting my time. However, there is a change in his perspective this time around. 

Most of the time, we do not regret about the things we have done.
It is okay to fail. 
It is okay to make mistake. 
It is okay to be wrong. 
It is okay to be embarrassed.

We only regret about the things we wanted to do, but never get to do it.
It takes a bit of courage to move out of our comfort zone.
Something to remind myself constantly.

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