Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Happiness of Sharing

Recently, I was quite busy and stressed at work. When I was showering, I kept thinking about work. At times, I felt lost and forgot to ask why am I doing what I am doing? Would I live differently if I am going to die in 3-5 years time? Am I making the best use of my limited time?

I might not be sure of many things, but I am certainly sure about the the Happiness of Sharing. And these are the 2 things that made me happy this week:

Drawing of my sponsored kid. =)

I was checking my personal email after a long day at work. I received the academic report of a child I sponsored in Myanmar. Instantly, it brought a smile on my face. Happy that I could help a child to continue to study. 

A surprise Birthday Celebration

One of the HIV/AIDs patients was spending his remaining days in the hospice. My group of volunteers decided to give him a surprise birthday celebration and I remember that he loves durian. So I bought the best durian I could find (knowing that this might be his last time tasting durians), and the sight of him savouring the durian was priceless. He was really happy, and it made me happy too.

(Note: The patient passed away on Feb'14. I am very happy and glad that we provided moments of comfort and happiness to him.)

Sharing brings Happiness.
There are many ways to use money.
Sharing with somebody else is definitely worthwhile.

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