Monday, September 23, 2013

Embrace:the gift of life

Last week was busy (meeting ex-colleague, working late in office, attending conference, sending parents to airport, mid-autumn festival), but the most meaningful event was my volunteer work at Patient Care Center (for HIV & AIDS patients) at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 

After the visit, I was feeling a bit sad and down, as I saw one of the patients getting weaker and thinner. He was suffering from bad diarrhea (wearing adult diaper) and was frustrated with his doctors/nurses/children etc... He was suffering and very unhappy. As volunteer, there is nothing I could do, but to lend a listening ear. 

I received a text from a fellow volunteer below:

A record of his conversation with other patient.

I am happy to know that our insignificant work could bring comfort and joy to the patients. HIV and AIDS patients are highly stigmatized. For cancer patients, their photos could be posted and received tremendous support from the society, but for HIV/AIDS patients, they had to suffer in silence & in shame. To protect them, I can't post their photos online. There are many stories behind these silent sufferers, and who are we to judge. Everybody makes mistakes.

The theme of the Charity Dinner that I attended on Saturday for Patient Care Center. Indeed, a lot of patients need acceptance from their family, friends and the society. 

We need a more compassionate society.


Below are news article about PCC and volunteers:

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