Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lamrim Meditation Retreat

I went for a short meditation retreat (A Tibetan Buddhism Tradition - Lamrim)
I did not complete the retreat (again!), but I left early with some good lessons & reminders.

Be grateful.

Be grateful to be born as a human being.
It is not easy being born as a human being (both on a spiritual and evolution point of view)

There are many things to be grateful about too.
Practice gratitude.

Seeing the Truth: The Impermanence of Life.

My life is impermanent, I will definitely die.
My health is impermanent, I will fall sick and die. 
My relationship is impermanent, I will say goodbye to my family and friends eventually.
My wealth is impermanent, I will part with it eventually.
My identity is impermanent, I am always changing.
Even my suffering is impermanent too.

One of the sufferings is attachment.
The antidote is letting go (by recognizing the Truth).

I hope when it is time for me to go, 
I would be at peace and be willing to let go.

May you be at peace too.

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