Sunday, May 05, 2013

Benefits of negative experiences in Life

Every Saturday morning, I would be trekking 3-4 hours and carrying 6-7kg of load as part of my training for my Kilimanjaro trip in July. I reached a stage where I was dreading the Saturday morning trek, as it was getting boring and tiring. And my weekend was somewhat shorten by this training. 

Last Wednesday, I injured my shin and I had to stop my training (jogging, trekking etc..). Admittedly, I started to miss my training. I miss the feeling of being fit and healthy. 

This experience reminders me that I have taken my fitness and health for granted. 


I started to think about all the negative experiences I had in my life. They are all very valuable lessons in life. I try to adopt a neutral attitude towards these experiences, and be mindful of the lesson in each experience.

When we are feeling prideful and proud about our achievement, an occasional failure is good to bring back to the ground. To remind us that it is hard work, humility and perseverance that bring us to greater heights not pride or ego.

When we are feeling invincible, an occasional illness is a reminder that we are very vulnerable and death is a common path for everybody.

I am not advocating Pessimism, but rather a sense of gratitude and awareness.

To be grateful.
To be aware of the Impermanence of Life.

When I see someone suffering or in difficulties, I think about the time when I was in their position. It is a time to lend a helping hand and be compassionate, because I understand. 

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