Monday, April 22, 2013

Charity: Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage

Organization name:   Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO)
Type of organization: A charity, non-profit child development organization.
Year incorporated:     No. is Ranga-26/1988. Registered dated was August 8, 1988.
Vision:                           The disadvantaged children and community have to achieve their basic rights and be able to contribute their well-being in their family, community and country. 
Purpose/Mission:       Help the children living in dire poverty. Through the generosity of contributors, we provide needy children with a variety of programs and services to meet their basic needs and  enhance their self-esteem; raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful, lasting way and other needy people in  collaborating with benevolent organizations in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Who we serve:            Currently, BABWO provides services to the orphans, destitute and disadvantage children and their families.
Geographical area:    Chittagong Hill Tracts area, Bangladesh
Region:                           South Asia

Join me and click on this link to sponsor a child.

One of the greatest joys in life is helping someone who is in need.

One of the best ways to spend money is giving it away and knowing that someone would benefit from it more than us.

One of things to be grateful is realising that we are in a position to help the less fortunate ones.

Practice compassion.
Practice generosity.
Practice gratitude.

Life becomes more meaningful.
Happiness just linger around.

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James Franklin said...

It’s obvious that not everyone has that much financial resources or ability to donate money. Most of us are good people and generally want to do good for the community. We just can’t always afford to take money away from our livelihood or retirement savings. No need to feel guilty or sad. You can still help them by volunteering.

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