Sunday, June 17, 2012

What is the significance of a Birthday?

I never had a birthday party.
I never wanted to have a party for me.
But I always have birthday celebration with family or friends. 

For many years, I really do not see much significance of a birthday.
Last thursday morning, I found my reason to celebrate birthday.

I walked towards my mum, putting my hands on her shoulders and said this to her while I hold back my tears:
"Mama, thank you for giving birth to me.
Thank you for raising me up."

My mum just smiled and did not say anything.

When I was on my way to work, I received a message from her “生日快乐” - Happy Birthday.
This is her way of expressing her love.

Birthday should be a day of gratitude.
Think about the kindness I have received throughout my life.
Without their kindness, I won't be around.
Be grateful towards my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my friends, my teachers etc....
I am nothing without them.

Thank You.

A simple porridge prepared by my mum when I was sick.
I am grateful for it.

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