Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert and my thoughts

Lady Gaga's Concert in Singapore

This is the first concert that I ever watched. Generally, I felt that concert ticket is way too expensive, but I decided to experience the showmanship of Lady Gaga. The atmosphere was quite good, people dancing to the music etc... I quite enjoy it, but it wasn't spectacular. Interestingly, the part that I enjoyed the most was when Lady Gaga shared her story as a high school girl who tried to fit in and was bullied by the boys who threw her into a rubbish bin. Not sure how much of it is truth or is it part of the performance. Anyway, it inspired more people to love and accept themselves. That's more important.

On another note, I was reflecting my desire, which is very illusive.
Prior to the show, I had strong desire to watch this performance. But after that, the show did not leave a lasting impression. Then, I reflected on another recent desire - to watch Avengers, which was not great as well. And thinking further, I thought of my previous strong desire to visit Machu Picchu, which I visited in January. Machu Picchu was very beautiful, but it seemed to be better in my imagination.

Desire is temporary and unstable. Desire often overestimates the happiness that a person/event/place might bring. That's why it is illusive. Somehow, we could never be satisfied and a new desire would appear and we  would pursue it until we got it. Then, we move on to the next desire...


Yingel said...

Can appreciate your feelings about "illusive" desires. I always have problems trying to overcome them... if only it is easier to overcome these "illusive" desires then life will be much simpler :)

Also, sometimes after getting what I wanted, I'll also realise that it is not so important after all. Often, it is appreciating what I already have, the simpler things, that will make me happier.

Appreciation is an art, and I'm still learning it.

Boon said...

Hey Ying,

I agree with you.
I think we gotta be mindful of our desires and not to let it control us.

I found appreciation of simple things in life is a very healthy way of living.

I am also learning it. =)