Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movie: 那些年,我們一起追的女孩


The movie resonated with me because the director is around my age, and he is sharing his love story for this girl during his schooling days. I could relate to a quite a lot of things and there are so many subtle lessons in the movie, especially this sentence 

" Some things are destined to be futile..."

So... it would be wiser just to enjoy the journey...  since a lot of things in life are futile. 

Looking back my schooling days, I have no regrets studying hard... fortunately, I played quite hard as well. But I wished I was more rebellious... I wished I had challenged the authority more.... and played even harder!


In my secondary days, I was the vice-head prefect and I led my fellow peers to boycott the system, by not performing prefects' duty (as we wanted to step down and concentrate on our final exams). The school was in mess for a while, and the disciplinary master was very angry with me. In the end, I was given C5 (bad grade) for ECA --- after contributing my 4 years of dedicated service to the school and leading the prefectorial board. 

On the hindsight, I am happy for my action. I was supposed to be a model student, yet I revolted because I stood firm on my rights. More importantly, I earned the respect from my peers.


When I was promoted to junior college, I could not bother with school activities because my past experiences. There was an opportunity to do overseas volunteer work - building a school in the impoverished part of Inner Mongolia China, during the June holiday. Most of my peers were busy studying and preparing for exams in July, but I decided that this was too rare an opportunity to be missed.

In the end, my July exams results were the worst grades during my junior college days. Academically, I was in the top 5% in my cohort, and my teachers were lamenting that I was getting complacent and lazy.

On the hindsight, I don't really care about the July exam grades (I did well for my final A levels exam).
I still had vivid memories and lessons from the trip.
That's more important!

Having Fun with the Kids in Inner Mongolia, China



It's the experience that really matters!!!

Take more risks
Be foolish
Be embarrassed
Be spontaneous
Break more rules (those that doesn't make sense)
Question the Authority
Live without regrets!

So.... go out and have fun now!
Experience Life!
Be Alive!

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