Saturday, November 12, 2011

An evening with friends...

I really enjoy this kind of gatherings.

Meeting at a friend (XF)'s place.
Preparing a simple dinner together.
Eating and chatting over dinner.
Teasing the kids of a friend.
Washing the dishes together.
Playing a round of Mahjong game.

That's it!
No fancy dinner. No loud music. 
Simple, yet very enjoyable.
It's perfect way to spend an evening.

Preparing Dinner in the Kitchen (with small fish tank)


My friend's place is decorated with swarovski crystal ceiling, designer furniture, expensive paintings and antiques (ie. 1000 years old Bronze Figure). 
Those things are really beautiful and unique (and really expensive).
But when I saw the innocent and adorable look of 10 month-old Shannon sleeping soundly,
it dawn on me that none of the expensive things is as beautiful as that moment.

To me, it validated my belief that physical things will never be as beautiful as other invisible things in life.

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