Tuesday, September 06, 2011

無常 Impermanence

I love this song when I was in my teens, I just love the tune and magical voice of Faye Wong. Unfortunately, I was too young and ignorant, and I did not understand the lyrics and the profound meaning behind them. 
Coincidentally, I was reading an Investment book by the Billionaire Howard Marks, and this is what he said
"Among the values prized in early Japanese culture was mujo. Mujo was defined classically for me as recognition of "the turning of the wheel of the law," implying acceptance of the inevitability of change, of rise and fall... In another words, mujo means cycles will rise and fall, things will come and go, and our environment will change in ways beyond our control. Thus we must recognize, accept, cope and respond. Isn't that the essence of investing?"  
This is not just about investing, but EVERYTHING in life.
Recognize it
Accept it
Cope with it
Respond accordingly.
The Law of The Impermanence.

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