Sunday, September 25, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Singapore Bird Park

The last time I visited Singapore Bird Park was 19 years ago, back in 1992. I went there with my school and i had a lot of fun. Recently, I went to the Singapore Bird Park with my family, and the fun part was actually seeing my 3 years-old niece reaction and excitement. It was a good opportunity spending some quality time with my family. 

May be it is due to age, experience and expectation, I was not really excited seeing different kinds of birds. I am an animal lover, and I would prefer to see them in the wild or documentary. And I realized I am more contemplative now.

Where do the park get their birds?
Why are those majestic eagles looking so sad and bored in their small cages?
Why are one side of the flamingos' wings shorter than the other side? 
Why ain't the Pelican and other birds in the open flying around/away?
What are the conservation efforts/messages by the park?

The magical moment came when I saw a flock of large birds soaring gracefully across the sky. Then it dawned on me that the birds are most beautiful when they are flying freely.... not walking/hopping around in the confinement of a cage. If I am a bird, I would rather starve in the wild and fly freely and experience the world, rather then living in a safety of a cage.

Is there a need for Bird Park?
What kind of value does it create for visitors as well as imprisoned birds?

My little niece was excited and happy seeing penguins for the first time.
That itself made me happy.
The first experience is always the best. =)

May be this is main value of the Park.
Providing that first experience for many.

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