Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lessons at Deathbed

Recently, I saw a National Geographic documentary on Taiwanese blend of Folk religion, Taoism and Buddhism. The focal point of the documentary is on people's attitude towards death, funeral & ghost.

There was a gentlemen (37 years old) who was terminally-ill due to cancer. He has 2 young kids, 4 years old and 1 year old. He shared his perspective on life on the hospital bed. He said that only now then he realized that all his pursue for wealth, career and other physical things in life were meaningless. The only things that really matter are his health and the love of his family.

He regretted not taking good care of his health, and not spending enough time building good relationships with everybody. That's what truly matters. Unfortunately, his realization is too late.

This documentary was quite visually impactful. It showed his 4 years old daughter, kneeling down infront of the altar in the temple and praying for the speedy recovery of her dad. It also showed his funeral process, and his lifeless face in the coffin. His elderly mother crying and collapsing.

This is a reminder of the impermanence of life.
This is a reminder not to take life for granted.
This is a reminder not to take family and friends for granted.
This is a reminder to slow down and spend time some quality time with others and oneself.
This is a reminder not to have any regrets during this short journey called Life.
This is a reminder to keep the right perspective of life, and let go of trivial problems & issues.

Life is precious and short.
Let's Live It well and fully.
Not to waste any precious moment.

The Great Sky
(Taken at Tibet)

May you be well and happy always.

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