Thursday, September 16, 2010

Learning to deal with things beyond my control

After 2 consultations with Cardiologist, ECG test, 24Hr Urine Test, 3 Blood Tests, the cardiologist still does not know why I have very high-blood pressure.
Normal Range: 80/120mmHg
Mine: 97/169mmHg
My profile does not suit the typical people with high blood pressure.
I am young.
I am a triathlete.
I exercise 4-5 times per week.
I am a semi-vegetarian.
I do not smoke.
I do not drink.
I do not stress myself.
I have enough sleep.
My family does not have a history of high blood pressure.
The Cardiologist informed me that I would do 3 more tests 2 months later, and if he still could not find out the reason for my very high blood pressure, I would have to be on medication. He could advise nothing else, as I am already living a very healthy lifestyle. That's the Irony of Life.
I know what I can do further.
No more Eggs.
No more Chocolate.
No more Ice Cream.
No more Cheese.
No more Pizza.
No more Sponge Cake.
More Fruits.
More Celery.
He advises me to wait for the result in Nov before I decide if I should participate in the Dec marathon.
What else can I do?
I have done my best.
If my lifespan is shorten, I will not regret.
I have tried my best, and will be at peace with the outcome.
Wish me luck! 

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Take care, my friend.