Monday, September 27, 2010

Book: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A book about a woman's search for happiness. Living a successful married life in New York, but everything just kinda fell apart for her. It was a great read, and woman can be a really complex creature. Eat in Italy, Pray in India, Love in Bali. 
I found her story in India extremely interesting. I would definitely want to stay in one of those Ashrams in the future. Below is an excerpt from the book on her meditation experience:

"...most of us are always moving between three different levels of consciousness - waking, dreaming or deep dreamless sleep. But there is a fourth level too.... which is called turiya. Here's how you can tell if you've reached the turiya state - if you're in a state of constant bliss. One who is living from within turiya is not affected by the swinging moods of the mind, nor fearful of time or harmed by loss. 'Pure, clean, void, tranquil, breathless, selfless, endless, undecaying, steadfast, eternal, unborn, independent, he abides in this own greatness,' say the Upanishads, the ancient Yogic scriptures, describing anyone who has reached turiya state. The great saints, the great Gurus, the great prophets of history - they were all living in the turiya state, all the time. As for the rest of us, most of us have been there, too, if only for fleeting moments.... One instant, you're just a regular Joe, schlepping through your mundane life, and then suddenly nothing has changed, yet you feel stirred by grace, swollen with wonder, overflowing with bliss. Everything - for no reason whatsoever - is perfect..."

I got a feeling that most people who read this would think that the author was crazy. I totally believe her, as I have experienced such Wonderful Wonderful Bliss while I was meditating a few years ago. It was PERFECT BLISS & HAPPINESS. I want nothing else, but to stay in that state. However, I have not experienced it since then. =(
Meditation is such a powerful tool.
I hope that I would experience that PERFECT BLISS again.

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