Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mobihunt 2009: Winner =)

This is the second Urban Race that I participated this year. This is also the second time that my team won the top price this year. =)

Team MJ Paws
(Boon, Mel, Caleb & Kelvin)
This was the shortest & the easiest race that I participated in recent years. Not much strategy compared to other races that I had participated. We won because of speed (lotsa running), familiarity with the places, and luck of course. Most importantly, it was a good team where everybody's strength is different & complementary.
I enjoyed the race, even if we did not win.
My philosophy has always been trying my best and be at peace with the result.
Winning money is an incentive too!!!
We won S$1500, and each of us will get S$375 (not bad for a half-day race)
Since I just came back from Nepal,
I had decided to donate my winning S$375 to Charities in Nepal.
I would be donating to Room to Read ( and SheChen (
I believe and hope that this small amount of money will add more values to other lives than my own

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IE5208 said...

I think I have bad karma.... :P