Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally, I won some money!!

My team of 4 participated in Singapore HeritageFest 2009: Fun on the foot!
Guess What?
We are the Open Category Winner.
I was afraid that I would be the jinx in the team, as I have never won any money in any competitions in my entire life!!! (other than MJ & Gambling in Casino).
I am getting S$500 for 5 hours of racing.
This was the first urban race that I participated since City Chase 2008, where my team was the runner-up.
Were we lucky?
Well, abit of luck is required for winning.
However, my team was very serious about winning.
We met up before the race to strategize and assign responsibilities.
It was a great team.
Mel (default team leader) was touted the Urban Race Queen of Singapore, so she had all the strategies in her mind + using her remote research guru to help us with the answers.
Caleb was the youngest winner of "Who wants to be a millionaire? - Singapore", so being very knowledgeable already, he was given the responsibility to read about Singapore Heritage.
Mich was quite knowledgeable (partly be'cos of NAC) and she was given the responsibility of texting the answers.
As for me, I don't really know much about Singapore Heritage, so I was supposedly the runner in the group. My navigation skill was pretty decent, so I just ran around.
I like to be given brainless job.
Winning money is good feeling,
but having fun with friends and beating other teams is even more fun,
especially winning those cheaters and teams who were definitely fitter than us.

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