Saturday, February 28, 2009

Singapore Sprint Series Race 1 - Sprint Aquathlon

One of this year's resolutions is to complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon.
(1.5km Swim, 40km cycle, 10km run)
It would be challenge for me especially for the swimming and cycling.
Fortunately, Singapore Sprint Series is a good buildup to the OD Triathlon.
I was really excited, as it was my first swim-run race.
It was my first time swimming in the Sea for a race.
The race consists of 750m swim and 5km run.

Found this picture on a stranger's blog
I am the guy in the white shirt posing for photos. haha...
I was asking myself,
What was I doing in Sentosa Tanjong Beach on an early Sunday morning?
I should be in my bed.

Getting Hyped up. =)
(Jon, Boon & Winnie)
I completed the race in decent timing.
Total Time: 46mins 23 secs
750m Swim - 19mins 43secs
Transition Time - 1min 19secs
5km run - 25mins 19secs
Category Ranking: 47 out of 108
Gender Ranking: 200 out of 477
Overall Ranking: 231 out of 636
I believed I could do better.
But it was not bad for first timer,
considering that last december, I could hardly swim 100m in Freestyle.
Looking forward to more races...


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Boon Han said...

Hey Zhang Sheng,

This is not 铁人3项, in fact, far from it. It is only an introduction to triathlon... for amateurs like me. =)

Go out... and enjoy the rain!!!
You can still swim in the rain... but i guess it must be freezing in Shanghai now.