Thursday, December 04, 2008

3 Days to My First Marathon

I guess everybody has their own stories about marathon.
This is mine:
Back in 2005, 2 weeks before the marathon, I had a very bad viral cough which lasted 5months.
Back in 2006, my CFA exams fall exactly on the same day as the marathon.
Last year (2007), I had knee injury.
This year, I am determined to finish a marathon.
Once is enough.
However, last few days, I was down with flu.
Today, I am having sore throat.
I would not be in my best condition to run,
but I hope I could complete this Sunday's marathon.
There are so many things beyond my control - falling sick, injuries, bad weather.
This is life,
certain things are beyond our control and all we could do is to do our best.

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