Monday, April 07, 2014

Travel: Work Trip to India (Mar 14)

After Donsol, I went to New Delhi immediately. I was fortunately that everything went smoothly (ie. no flight delay).

5am: Motorbike ride from Donsol to Legaspi Airport Philippines
7.40am: Flight from Legaspi to Manila
11.30am: Flight from Manila to Singapore
5.40pm: Flight from Singapore to New Delhi.
1am: Arriving in New Delhi Hotel after non-stop 20 hours traveling (4 cities, 3 countries)

Subsequently, I went to 3 cities in India in 4 days. And I was literally, flying almost everyday. Felt really tired with not enough sleep from traveling and work.

Anyway, this is my 6th trip to India, and it never fails to amaze me. So diverse and different from the rest of the world. I like India. =)

Condominium & Slum (New Delhi)

Good to be a Vegetarian in India. Lotsa options for me.

Election Fever (Modi of BJP)

Luxury Mall (New Delhi)

Shahrukh Khan

Cheap Mortgage at 10.2%??

Great Taj Hotel (Kolkata)

Good Breakfast @ Taj

View of Victoria Memorial from the Taj Hotel (Kolkata)

Nice Clubhouse for Breakfast
(For a moment, I thought I went back to Colonial India time)

Rahul Gandhi (from Congress Party)

Street of Kolkata

Street of Kolkata

Victoria Memorial (Kolkata)

Mumbai City

More Khan

Nice Restaurant in Mumbai.

Unfortunately, I did not get to explore much other than airports, hotels and offices. Nevertheless, it is still good trip.

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