Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye Kah Leong. RIP.

My second friend who passed away in the last 2 weeks.

Kah Leong passed away suddenly on Wednesday 3am, after a supper with his wife who is 6 months pregnant (2nd Child). He was an award winning real estate agent and was still working hard on tuesday, when he posted a rental listing on his facebook.

We were in the same class for 4 years during secondary school, but I did not keep in touch with him. I only "reconnected" with him recently via facebook. During school days, he wasn't the nicest guy around, and  could be quite crude with his choice of words. He was very athletic and was part of the school basketball team. In fact, he was quite proud (and vocal) of his physical ability.

Well, the irony is that he died of heart attack. I read on the newspaper that he had heart problem for 5 years already and went through 2 heart surgeries. Most of our friends are shocked, as he was always very fit and healthy (at least, that was the impression).

I felt that it was pointless to be proud and competitive. It is good to work hard and strive to be our best, but it is really pointless and meaningless to put others down (as though the only joy in life is to win other people). In the race of life, sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind, but at end, you realized that you are alone in the race.

I felt sad that he left so early. He was very driven and motivated, and he had a young family to support.
Early this year, he tattooed "Carpe Diem" and shared it on facebook, and his remarks was 

"Seize the day!!! My boyhood dreams finally fulfilled!!!"

Indeed, we should follow this mantra "Carpe Diem".
Life is too uncertain. 
There is no time to waste.

Goodbye Kah Leong.
Hope you had a good journey.
Rest in peace.

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