Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspiring Note on the Egypt Revolution

I came back from Egypt more than 1 month ago, and I did not sense any resentment towards the government during my short visit. I thought the suicide bombing at Coptic Church during new year eve was big thing, but it was nothing compared to the triumph of the people's revolution. Egypt is the sickest country i ever visited, its rampant corruption is like a chronic disease weakening the nation. 

Yes, I have experienced the rampant corruption in China as well, but at least, the Chinese are Very Very hardworking and competitive. Unfortunately, my overall impression of Egyptians are corrupted, lazy and incompetent. The law enforcers could not be trusted, as they are corrupted. The tour guides and "friendly" people on the street are trying to cheat tourists' money. 

I have met nice and honest people as well, but those are rare gems in the big city like Cairo. I am really happy that the people are frustrated with the status quo, and they should be. It is the triumph of the people!

One of the elderly activist in Cairo.
Felt really inspired after reading this on my IPhone.

How many of us have been cowards?
How many of us have the courage to challenge Status Quo?
How many of us could feel inspired & happy when we are put in a difficult situation?

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