Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goodbye G, hope you had a good journey.

A close friend (K) of mine just informed me the death of G, whom I got to know through K while we were in University. G was smart and hardworking, and excelled well academically. Even though G was only an acquaintance, I was sadden by the news. I could still remember seeing G studying really hard in library in preparation for exams. My impression of G was a bright, hardworking and pleasant guy. He had a bright future ahead of him. Apparently, he was discussing about buying property a month ago. Unfortunately, his journey was ended abruptly by an accident in England during a business trip. It is such a waste.
Life is indeed fragile.
Hope he had a good journey.
May he find peace.
Life is indeed impermanent.
The next life or tomorrow - we can never be certain which will come first 
 - Tibetan Proverb
It will be a total waste of life not to live it fully and meaningfully.

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