Friday, July 02, 2010

Moving On and Letting Go...

My last night in my home of 20 years.
I did not feel anything last few days, as I was very busy with the packing. Right now, I am feeling abit sad to leave this Humble, yet Happy Home.
A few years ago, I wrote "Gotta take photos of Daily Life" and pasted it on my board. The seemingly insignificant and mundane things are really precious to me. A normal family dinner, A warm cup of Milo, Mum's Cooking etc...
I learnt not to take anything for granted, as nothing is permanent.
That's the impermanence of life
How many of us have the wisdom to know that physical items could never fill the void in heart?
How many of us have the wisdom to appreciate simple things in life?
How many of us have the wisdom to move on and let go?
I threw/recycled/donated/gave away many things.
Life is a cycle.
I had nothing and felt incomplete.
I started to buy things to feel happy and important.
Obsessed with collections & possession. However, those physical items could never bring lasting happiness.
Then, I realized I do not need alot of things.
I am moving on and letting go.
I am still learning to let go...
Below are some items of sentimental value, which i chose to let go:
Eventually, everything has to go.
The Validation of the Impermanence of Life Again.
I am very fortunate and lucky to have a good family and friends who accompanied me over the years.
Not sure what the road lies ahead.
But I had a good life already.=)
Extremely Grateful for that.


Yingel said...

i see me!

karenthecat said...

bittersweet, moving... i threw out lots of things when i moved last year. actually realise i don't NEED much to survive. all my possessions are just my laptop, my clothes, my shoes and my bed and my cat. what little one has in physical state definately does not equate to what one has in emotion, memories and life experiences...

Jon Boo said...

What do you mean let go? It's here on blogspot isn't it? :P

Boon said...

Ying: I kept alot of sentiment items given by you, show you next time. Not sure if you remember them. =)

Karen: Moving house is a great exercise to clear the junk and validating the fact that we DO NOT NEED alot of things.

Jon: I am treating Blogspot as a way of Obitrary. I would be gone, all my physical possession would be gone... Blogspot will be a transient avenue for friends and family to remember me when I am gone. Soon this will be gone... I am learning to let go of my attachment. But I would leave behind good experiences and lessons I have learned.