Sunday, April 11, 2010

Music of my life....

As I was moving house soon, I decided to pack the old CDs that were collecting dusts on the shelf. Each CD reminded me of the different phases of my life and I could see how I changed over the years.
I told myself that I should not be too attached to any physical possession, but looking at these CDs, they are part of my life. They bring back precious memories to me.... telling me the story of my past. 

Armageddon Soundtrack - Caught the movie with my Spice Gang (JC friends) in 1998. Club Hits 1998 - Quite into Techno music & dance like Ah-beng in CANTO. Retro Music - Went to Mambo Jumbo @ Zouk the first time in 1998. Jay Chou - My China & Tibet Trip in 2005. Faye Wong - Queued up to 2hrs just to purchase this CD with my best friend back in 1997. Forever Gold - Quite into Oldies when I was in Army in 1999. Madonna's Ray of Light - I like her be'cos of this album. The BEST so far. Madonna's Confession - Blasted this music with frustration almost everyday while I was driving back from work in 2006. Spice Girl - Just remindered me of my JC days. Beattles - My Army Days. Bryan Adam - Oldest CD in my collection - 1991. Norah Jones - Sunset & days spent @ San Francisco Bay Area. Ally Mcbeal - Dancing Baby! Enya, Inspirational Music & Enigma - Into New Age Music during Army Days
Who cares about all these stories?
 These CDs are precious to me, but it would be worthless to others. This applies to many things in life - like the things I kept - letters, presents, journals, photos, education certificates... these are all worthless when I am gone. 
If my house is caught on Fire and all these items are burnt, how would I feel? Should I keep them? Will they continue to bring happiness to my life? Are they just burden? Are memories really that precious? Should I be too attached to my past, my identity and my possessions? 
Many years from now, nobody will know my existence. This blog will not be around. Everything that I owned will be turned into dust.
So..  what's next?


karenthecat said...

memories sometimes turn into burden. good ones remind us of what made us happy, laughed and contented; but they always remind us of what could have and would have been especially when we're down. we're not doing enough to make ourselves happy -> burden

bad ones remind us that we're in a better state now; but sometimes turn back and come back to haunt us -> burden

yea we'll all go someday, sooner or later. so i guess it's about making a small difference in others' lives. to be remembered by at least one person.

Boon said...

Thanks for sharing.

some memories remind me that I am lucky and very fortunate. I am grateful for that.

some memories remind me that I could be better or should be better. It is a source of motivation, but also a burden.

just like experiences... may be it is up to our interpretation to label it as "good" or "bad", which is very subjective - dependent on the context and the frame of time.

Jon Boo said...

I love this. And this is just CDs....

Imagine just how rich we can paint our lives when we recollect the events, sight and sounds that shaped us.

And behold the imprints we've left in others too...

*Everything when I take pictures I couldn't help but think of a 'bird episode' that reminded me to move on... :P*

Siew Siang said...

Where are you moving to?