Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Donation Drive for Shoes

Thank everybody who made this possible.
My friends and family are very supportive.
This is my first time (hopefully not the last time) doing a donation drive for a holiday trip. All the suitable shoes collected would be given to Porters Clothing Bank in Nepal. All the unsuitable shoes are donated to Salvation Army. We also had shoes & clothings to be given to Orphanage/School for Deaf (undecided yet).
The idea did not come from me, I got it from another group of Singaporeans who are going to Nepal also. I was excited because it was for a good cause and it is a green initiative. Kill 2 birds in one stone. And the shoes get to see the nice view of the Himalayas.
In summary, My friends and I (3 of us) would bring an estimated 55kg of donated items to Kathmandu. We have excess baggage Thanks to SilkAir, a friend's PPS Status & a friend working in SilkAir.
Good to know that my trip has started before the actual departure. =)
There are some lessons learnt:
- Do Good with Wisdom
- Tiring yet Fulfilling
- The Importance of Partnership & Collaboration

200+ Shoes
Collection by the other group of Singaporeans.

My friends and my contribution ~ 30+ pairs

My little niece was very excited to see so many shoes.
She took out her shoes too!


su min said...

Can't believe I forgot to ask this yesterday - how did this go?

Boon said...

The other group of Singaporeans brought around 40kg of donated shoes and we bring around 40kg of donated shoes & clothes. The remaining shoes that were not suitable, were donated to Salvation Army.

I did not manage to visit the NGO, as there is lack of time. Instead, one of the staffs came to my hotel to collect the item.

We also donated some of the items to an orphanage, will give an update later. =)