Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Fashion Event

Recently, I attended a private fashion event where my colleague asked me to attend at the last minute for work related stuff.
Obviously, my outfit was not in tune with the "glamorous chic" dress code.
There were alot of the beautiful people in expensive-looking clothes and accessories.
People were trying to look "chic" and mingling around.
Naturally, I felt quite out of place.
In fact, feeling uncomfortable.
My most valuable accessory was my 7-years-old Seiko Watch.
Surprisingly, I was quite happy after the event.
I did not have any desire to buy any expensive accessories/clothes.
I did not want to be like them.
I am just happy with the way I am.
Not trying to be someone that I am not.
Simple . Straightforward . No Pretence
This morning before leaving for work,
I spent 5 mins playing with my 9 month-old niece.
The Joy is priceless and real.

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