Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Awareness -> Contentment -> Gratitude

Contentment will definitely bring happiness.
I have been learning to feel contented and happy with what I have.
Lately, I realised that Gratitude is a proactive form of contentment.
Feeling a sense of gratitude is the empowering aspect of contentment.

It seems that there is a natural progression.
Firstly, I must have Awareness - to be aware of my surrounding, to be aware that I am alive, to be aware of the impermanence of life
Then, I would feel contented - by being aware that things could be worse.
Lastly, I would feel a grateful that I still alive and breathing, and all the little things in life that I have taken for granted (like Clean Air, Clean Water, Good Food, Family, Friends, Health etc..)
I could feel a surge of energy to live fully.
Less complain (at least during that moment).

Location: Outside my room window

Time: Morning before setting off to work.

Theme: "Taking time off to appreciate simple pleasures of life"

Comment: Did not realise that the flowers have bloomed so beautifully. Every morning, I am always rushing to work and forget to slow down and enjoy the moment.

How about you?

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