Sunday, February 04, 2007

Silicon Valley

Ruifeng is going to back to the Bay Area tomorrow.
Out of a sudden, I missed those days in Silicon Valley after 2.5 years. Memories flooded back while looking at the photos and the website:
(I am SO glad that I created this website, kinda "relive" it again... kinda)
Those days weren't easy. Lotsa stress & pressure. Trying to balance work, study & NUSEA. There were many days when I had to eat my dinner (Mc'chicken) while driving to project meeting. When I had limited sleep that I would settle for Mc'chicken for lunch and slept in my car during lunch break. I felt really low at times like working hard in Stanford lab at 3am on weekdays. There were times when I felt extremely lonely and feeling like crap...
It was hard, but rewarding...
In the end, there was always a moment of Exhilaration. There were so many moments that I felt so inspired. There were moments when we were feeling so down, but we encouraged and cheered each other on, telling ourselves that our time in the States was limited and we gotta make the best out of it.
It was still the best time of my life.
For a moment, I felt that I was living the American dream.
I felt that as long as I worked hard and believed in myself, I could do it.
I was constantly challenging myself to work hard... to move out of my comfort zone... to learn as much as possible (to be very hungry for knowledge)...
To experience life...
doing all the stupid things... trying all the new things...
Now, where is all my enthusiasm & zeal towards life???
Where is my hunger for knowledge???
More important question:
Could I ever live like that again?
I could have died.... is there such thing as destiny??
Lastly, I had never thank my Arbor Brothers for making our apartment a home in a foreign land:

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